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Email Marketing ‘Writing Tips’

Here are a few tips for writing email marketing messages.

1. First and most important. Make sure all your email recipients are opt in or double opt in. This means that they have subscribed to your ezine, newsletter, report or e-course.

2. Always provide an unsubscribe link.

3. Always sign each email with your name, address, company, telephone number and email address. This will help ensure you are never accused of spam or at least you will be found innocent.

4. Keep the email short, with each paragraph 5-10 lines at most. People are in a hurry and scan most emails, so make sure your email has the most important point in the first sentence of each paragraph.

5. Create a compelling or interesting subject line. You at least want your email to get opened. Good headlines aren’t hype or over stated, simply tell what benefit the reader will get for opening and reading your email.

6. Format TEXT emails to 60-65 lines. This ensures your email won’t look like:

when you send an email
make sure its properly formatted with 60-65 characters
per line
with a ‘hard return’ so it
looks even and professional.

A great program to use to help format TEXT emails is called “Text Formater Plus”.

7. Try using a P.S. in your emails. People tend to scan and read the P.S. if nothing else.

8. Try to add your own “personality” to the email content. People want to associate with those who seem real and sincere. Don’t come across as just another salesman trying o sell something.

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